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Military Diving Equipment

Commercial Diving Equipment

Deep and Saturation Diving Equipment

Sports and Scuba Diving Equipment


Marine equipment, Ship Supplies

Marine Machinery, Marine Engines and Propulsion

Marine Navigation and Automation systems

Boat Building

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Techno Offshore was established in year 2016, with an aim to being a best source for marine offshore and diving solutions, commercial diving equipment, navigation, marine equipment, boat designs, and boatbuilding material in Pakistan diving, marine, military deep diving, saturation diving equipment. We represent many esteemed worldwide diving manufacturers. We are specialized company in small and medium vessel design, fiberglass passenger boats, military assault boats. We offer end to end customised marine and diving solutions to our customer.

  • Military diving equipment in Pakistan.

  • Deep and saturation diving equipment and services.

  • Military RHIB boats, accessories and RHIB boat construction material.

  • Military Assault Boats and accessories.

  • Recreational scuba diving equipment.

  • Commercial diving equipment.

  • Underwater ROVs and underwater video system.

  • Underwater survey equipment in Pakistan.

  • Seabed and Chirography survey equipment.

  • Seabed scanning equipment

  • Marine Navigation equipment and systems

  • Marine and offshore equipment machinery supplies

  • Ship’s spares and machinery

  • Boat Propellers and shaft supplies in Pakistan

  • Marine engines and engines spares

  • Lifesaving equipment, life rafts, life jacket and life boats in Pakistan.

  • Inflatable boats, military inflatable boats, assault troop life jackets.

  • Tour boats, fishing boats and family pleasure boats in Pakistan.

  • We also supply boat construction material and boat equipment and accessories.

  • Fiberglass material for boats, infusion system for fiberglass boat


We represent leading international brands