Boat Building Materials

We supply local and international brands boat building materials of class approve marine grade composite material for infusion and hand layup. We also provide technical assistance in construction fiber glass boat. Our class approved composite material is used by many private and Government organizations.

Our boat fittings and accessories are marine grade and manufactures under international standards. We also provide support to our customer to sort out their requirements in designing and calculation of Kit of Material required for any kind of vessel, even steel or fiberglass hull. 

Composite boat building materials

marine grp resin

Marine unsaturated polyester resin

marine gelcoat

Marine Grade Gel coat

grp mat

Marine grade chopped strand mat

grp wr

Marine grade woven roving

peel ply pa66

Peel ply PA66 for vacuum molding

vaccum infusion mesh

Vacuum infusion flow mesh

vaccum infusin tube

Plastic Vaccum Infusion Flow Tube

spiral warp for infusion

Vacuum infusion spiral wrap

vaccum bagging film

PE PP vacuum infusion bagging film

carbon fiber cloth

Light twill weave carbon fiber cloth

pvc core foam for infusion

Infusion core pvc foam core sheet

High density drilled pvc foam sheets

adhesive tape double side

High Temp adhesive heat sealing tape

Resin infusion multi-port vacuum valve


infusion valve stopcock resin flow

Electric resin infusion vacuum pump

List of composite material

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