Diving Equipment

Techno offshore is the largest supplier of diving equipment in Pakistan. We supply diving equipment to government organizations, military, and private sectors organizations. We have a skilled team of ex Pakistan Navy divers, who are well conserved with new trends and technologies in the diving field.  Trust of our customer is our strength. Bellow is a detail of our services in the diving field.

Categories of our diving equipment supplies

  • Scuba diving equipment for sports and pleasure diving.
  • Commercial diving equipment supply for the military and private sector.
  • Self-contained open-circuit scuba diving equipment for the military.
  • Closed circuit re-breathers for the military.
  • Semi close circuit mix gas diving equipment military standard.
  • Search and rescue diving equipment for the military and private sector.
  • Salvage Diving equipment for the military and private sector.
  • Saturation diving equipment for deep and complex diving operations.
  • Diving recompression chamber and diving bell.
  • Underwater ROV system.
  • Commercial diving services for salvage and complex diving operations.
  • Surface Supplied Diving Equipment.
  • Containerized Diving Systems.
  • Light Diving Boats.
  • Commercial Diving Chambers.
  • Launch and Recovery system.
  • Saturation Diving Systems.
  • Gas Management.
  • Environmental Control.
  • Divers Heaters.
  • Bell Equipment
  • Underwater Communication.
  • Breathing Air Compressors.
  • Cylinders & Gas Banks.
  • 2 and 3 diver IMCA Dive Panels.
  • Marine Electrical Equipment.
  • Gas Analysis
  • Hyperbaric Equipment.
  • Recommpression
  • Personal Diving Equipment.
  • Sub-sea Tooling.
  • Underwater video system.
  • Underwater lighting system.
  • Aviation Hypobaric Equipment.
  • Military Diving Equipment.
  • Military Field Equipment
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