Rib Boat Accessories

We are the only company in Pakistan supplying accessories for construction of rib Boat tube, rib tube construction and repair services in Pakistan, rib boat tube repair kit, inflatable boat tube repair. Military rib boat re-tubing services in Pakistan. selling Hypalon fabric in Pakistan and we sell Bostik adhesive in Pakistan

Henshaw inflatable pakistan
henshaw inflatable uk
henshaw uk

Double small D Section rubbing strake Black HEN263188

Non slip Diamond Pattern Treadmaster Black HEN002163

Millennium Cleat handle Black HEN002051

henshaw inflatable rhib boat accessories in pakistan
cone end for rhib boat tube

 Lifeline rope patch D ring HEN002102

Split D Bow Fairlead – HEN002068

Small Cone end HEN002056

hypalon for rhib boat pakistan
bostik adhesive
Bostik adhesive

1300 gsm Military

 Bostik 2402 Adhesive (Including Activator) – 1L

Bostik M501 Thinners

henshaw uk rib boat accessories in pakistan
fabric for fiberglass
henshaw rib accessories

Black Hose HEN002227

Dislaminating fabric for RHIB boat Part No. T001

Black Lifeline HEN002079


Double small D section rubbing strake  Black (HEN 263188)
Non-Slip mat 500MM X 250MM sheet 500×500 mm (HEN002163 
(SHEET 1200 mm x 900 mm)    (HEN 002163)
12mm 3 strand polyester Lifeline black (HEN 002079)
SS D ring  (HEN 0021021)
Split D Bow fairlead (HEN 002068)
Cleat Handle (HEN 002051)
Cone end (HEN 002056)
HCFC 141b (Blowing Agent)
Polystyrene Sheet 6’ x 4’ x 1”
Black Rubber Sheet (Width 57 inch) 
Thick 5mm or 3/8
Parachute Cloth (Width 5 ft) water proof
Euro flex
Masking Tap 1”
Bostik 2402 with hardener D, adhesive for inflatable boat tubes
Thinner Bostik M501 cleaner
1300gsm Military Grey Hyplaon (HEN 003007)
Honey Wax
polyester Resin P-555 (Al-Khair)
paint Roller 6″
paint Roller 4″
Paint Brush 3″ White hair
Paint Brush 1″ White hair
Abrasive paper rotary 2″
Paper Knife Cutter (with blades)
Syringe 10cc