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Scuba diving in Pakistan

Best Sites for Scuba diving in Pakistan

scuba diving in Pakistan

Scuba diving in Pakistan. Pakistan is emerging as a recreational scuba diving destination. The industry is embryonic with plenty of dive destinations, due and emerging scuba diving destinations there are not any crowds, deserted dive sites, and pristine reefs.

The foremost popular dive sites are Charna Island and Astola Island Gawadar east bay, Mubarak village, Gadani beach, and there are also few famous ship racks to dive. Divers also wish to visit Karachi.

Some samples of what you’ll see on a dive are angelfish, sea urchins, sea fans, colorful corals, and reefs. The rich marine life includes an excellent sort of species like eels, gray sharks, sea fans, oysters, barracudas, and turtles. Divers can admire many sorts of corals and see amazing reef systems with red and brown water plants and kelp.

When to dive in Pakistan

The best time to dive is November to April.

The visibility is usually good, averaging 16m/52ft. The currents may vary, but are generally mild.

These are many favorite dive sites in Pakistan, as voted for by the diving community. Click here to see a map of Pakistan cost line

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