Our Valued Professional Services

We provide the following international standard diving, marine, and boat building equipment and services in Pakistan. We are a professional company and we have a skilled team of professional to offer any aspect of marine-related equipment and services:

  • Scuba diving equipment
  • Commercial diving equipment and services
  • Military diving equipment
  • Deep and saturation diving equipment
  • Marine salvage equipment and consultancy
  • Life-saving equipment
  • Fire and safety equipment
  • Small and medium vessels designs
  • Small and medium military vessels designs services
  • Military boat design and construction
  • Fiberglass boat design and construction services
  • Fiberglass boat material supplies
  • Military RHIB and inflatable boats
  • Offshore platform design and installation
  • Freight services
  • Marine and offshore project management services

Scuba Diving in Pakistan

Contact us for any kind of recreational or rescue diving equipment in Pakistan. We sell top of the line scuba diving equipments.

Commercial Diving Equipment

As a commercial diver, you need to dive into a variety of environments and situations. Commercial diving is a complex job and you need professional equipment and tools to meet any commercial diving jobs.  you’ll have many opportunities to place your skills, knowledge, and knowledge to good use.

Each job you perform would require specialized diving gear, tools, and equipment. 

There is certain gear and equipment, however, that you simply will need whenever you go underwater as a knowledgeable diver. This necessary equipment will include your helmet, your suit, and your weight belt, your continuous surface supplied diving set, underwater welding and cutting equipment, underwater hydraulic tools, underwater pneumatic tools, underwater video, and communication equipment, and many more

Contact us for any kind of commercial diving equipment requirement

Deep and saturation diving equipment

Deep sea and saturation diving is a complex job, to ensure the safety going down in the sea beyond 50m meters required a variety of diving and support equipments. We are a professional company to handle requirement of any type of complex deep diving job through our international partners in USA, Europe and UAE.

Contact us for any deep and saturation equipment requirement, we also provide deep-diving services through our partners.

Military diving equipment and services

We are an experienced company in military diving equipment in Pakistan. We are dealers of Aqualung Military and professional equipment USA and France. We have a team of professionals team to understand all military diving needs keeping in view the regional environment. We sell following state of the art military diving equipment in Pakistan.

  • Semi closed-circuit rebreathers
  • Closed-circuit oxygen diving sets
  • Non-magnetic diving sets for Mine countermeasure operations
  • Military twin bottle open circuit diving sets
  • Military wetsuits
  • Military dry suits and dive wears
  • Underwater search and rescue equipment
  • Military salvage types of equipment
  • Military deep and saturation diving equipment
  • Decompression chamber
  • Portable containerized diver decompression chamber

Small and medium vessel Design and Construction

We provide military and commercial boat designs made by our global partners. We sell classification society approved vessels designs and consultancy service for construction of vessels as per the requirement of customer.

We offer following services in vessel design and construction

  • Class approved vessels designs
  • Class approved shipbuilding materials
  • Fiberglass material for boat building
  • Boat accessories and equipment
  • Consultancy services for understanding your need for a boat or vessel